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Time4Writing Review Time4Writing Review Time4Writing Review Time4Writing Review Time4Writing Review
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Complementary Education or Waste of Money: What Is Time4writing.com Really About?

Is it possible to teach writing? Good writing, we mean. Sure, anyone who’s aware of basic writing principles and knows how to spell words can write a text. The quality of this text is what makes writing either a good one or a bad one.

Time4writing is a site that claims to teach high-quality writing from scratch. From an elementary school to ESL, any student can benefit from custom-designed learning courses that enhance writing proficiency. Courses come as packages, meaning you can’t pay for just one lesson and get it done with. Expectedly, the price of one unit is quite high. And according to time 4 writing, you ought to pass all the lessons ( i.e., 15+ courses) to write like Hemingway.

We couldn’t help but wonder: can an average student truly benefit from such online classes? Is the result worth the time and effort? And your money, most importantly? Sit back and enjoy this review; for you to avoid unwanted trouble, we have examined time4writing.com and shared an unbiased opinion on the service’s efficiency.

Time4writing.com: Learning Options and Key Courses

First things first: your tutor will not write an essay for you. On the contrary, you will practice your writing skills and create original pieces yourself. What you get is a teacher who evaluates your results, makes valuable improvements, teaches you to write better texts.

Every course focuses on a specific goal. Depending on your initial request (and academic level), you can choose a lesson package that suits your individual preferences the best. For example, you lack skills in writing mechanics. Not a problem! Just choose your relevant study level, i.e., elementary, middle, or high school, and join an 8-week learning program on writing intricacies.

time4writing.com grades for online lessons

In sum, time4writing.com is a platform that offers online tutoring to students who wish to enhance their writing proficiency. Instructions, personalized feedback, and online lessons promise to help you master the art of writing.

Do they stand by their words or misguide students with empty promises? Let’s find out!!

How to Use the Website

This is a tricky part. You need to pay first to access the time4writing login. This is the only way to get an account here.

time4writing.com sign in

Once the payment is completed and the course program is chosen, you’ll be able to access your online lessons via the prescribed account.

Let’s Talk Money, Shall We?

The price doesn’t depend on the course type. Basic courses cost the same as intermediate and advanced ones (from $119 for a course). The tricky part is that you ought to pay first to proceed to choose the course itself. Or at least talk to someone.

In other words, you have to pay the full amount for a course you know nothing about. We believe such a strategy to be completely unfair toward the customer. You do not understand what you spend your money on until you complete the payment. And judging the book by its cover, it doesn’t look good.

There is a money-back option in case you want to withdraw your payment. But we all know how hard it can be to return the payment and prove your rightness.

How to Contact Time4writing’s Management

Surprise! Time4writing.com has no support managers. It is strange for a website that sells online classes and has no precise price calculator with the course description. Moreover, the whole idea is based on online tutoring. If the customer struggles to reach the support manager for clarification, how difficult is getting in touch with a teacher?

However, the site has a few helpful manual videos and a FAQ page. Also, you can find the contact form with a phone number.

time4writing.com contact us page

Time4writing’s Discount Codes

Looking for a time4writing coupon? Don’t bother!

If paying $119 for an 8-week course is out of your budget, don’t expect a time4writing promo code to save the day. The company doesn’t offer any promotions to either first-time or returning customers.

Reddit Review

The only time4writing review on Reddit was published five years ago. It doesn’t have any information but a link to an external source. Sure, we didn’t want to take risks by following the link. Other than that, Reddit users shared no useful information about time4writing.com.

More Reviews

Other time4writing reviews were nothing but disappointments. Not a single testimonial was shared on SiteJabber. It looks suspicious, especially since Trustpilot offers more than 280 customer reviews.

We strongly feel that most of the time 4 writing reviews presented by TrustPilot aren’t real. Or the company erased all testimonials from SiteJabber to have a fresh start. Either way, we do not recommend taking customer reviews for granted.

Time4writing.com Pros/Cons

We say “yes” to:

  • Program variety.
  • Video manuals.
  • Good reviews (as per TrustPilot).

We say “no” to”

  • Difficult-to-use website.
  • Straight-ahead payment.
  • No support channels.
  • Unfair pricing.
  • Lack of reviews (in general).


Is Time4writing.com Legit?

Yes. It is a legit company.

Is Time4writing.com Safe?

The answer depends on your perception of safety. No one is going to steal your sensitive information. But you risk wasting money on an unprofessional learning course.

Is Time4writing.com Expensive?

In our humble opinion, the price is too expensive. Judging from what we saw, their learning programs do not cost $119 each.

Time4writing.com: Final Word

Time4writing.com is a legit and reliable website. You can give it a try. However, other educational platforms offer better courses for better pricing. Check them out first and only then make the decision.

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