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Edubirdie Review Edubirdie Review Edubirdie Review Edubirdie Review
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Almost every student has applied to services like It is a company engaged in performing writing assignments for people from different countries throughout the world. No matter how complex, tricky, and urgent the task is, the service will be glad to handle it.

However, what about professionalism? Is the service competent enough to do sophisticated tasks at the top level without failing to meet the deadline? To be true, Edubirdie is a good platform for students to get assistance with their writing assignments. Nevertheless, there are many nuances you should take into account to avoid some misunderstandings and possible problems.

How Vast Is the Competence of Edubirdie!

Edubirdie is a service concerned with paper writing. But it does not only imply writing various essay types. Its range of services is quite broad and includes performing assignments of any complexity. What is more, you can order editing services, bibliography formatting, and so on. But compared to other companies in the peer group, Edubirdie offers very few free options. Undoubtedly, it may be a problem for people eager to save money.

Below there are services that will come in handy. If you decide to choose Edubirdie as a personal helper, check them before placing an order.

  • Around-the-clock customer service.
  • Plagiarism check of every paper.
  • Limitless revisions.
  • Live chat with writers.
  • Available clients’ reviews.

These are options that you should not pay for. Each of them is important if you are concerned about the quality and professionalism of the company. So, it is reasonable to consider these features as the most visible indicators of the service’s reliability.

How to Sign In and Order?

Think of ordering a paper on Sign in and make your first request. You can undergo the process of registration in three ways.

  1. Via Facebook.
  2. Using a Google account.
  3. Indicating email.

edubirdie_log in

After that, you should click “Continue.” In a few seconds, you will get a message from the service about the verification of your account. It is all you should do: no complex registration and request forms. Everything is clear and straightforward.

If, after logging in, you are willing to buy your first paper, you should fill in the order form. There, it would help if you did not forget about the basic requirements for your task. It implies such features as volume, deadline, subject with intricacies about the topic, academic level, etc.

How Much Will One Page Cost on Edubirdie?

The minimum Edubirdie price for one page is $13.99. The price policy is not the cheapest in the niche. Nevertheless, the service believes that it is responsible for the interdependence of the quality and cost of papers it offers.

But the problem is that there is no price calculator available for all internet users without registration. So, unless you sign in and then log in, you will not be able to check the company’s price policy. Of course, it is somewhat inconvenient. But placing an order, you will see the total price you should pay.

What About MoneyBack?

One significant benefit of Edubirdie is a free no-fees money-back guarantee.

  • A writer fails to meet a deadline.
  • The Paper sent does not meet the description indicated in the order.
  • There are some mistakes in the paper.
  • Low rate of paper’s uniqueness.

The reason may be anything. However, the main one is the customer’s dissatisfaction with the order completed. In that case, you can request your money back without hesitation.

How to Ask a Question on

Still, are you concerned about a few matters concerning the work of the service? Fortunately, you have an opportunity to ask everything you would like on Edubirdie customer service.

  • Quick answers.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Detailed replies.
  • Free live chat.
  • Possibility to connect the service via email and dialing phone numbers.

A helping line on Edubirdie is active without any breaks, 24/7. Undoubtedly, it is convenient and reliable. So, if you hesitate to clarify some nuances, click “chat” on, and get a response in one minute.

edubirdie_ live chat

Could You Save on Your First Order?

The problem is that there are no Edubirdie discounts. A lot of paper writing services offer 10% or even 15% discounts for the first order. does not provide its customers with such an attractive option. Of course, the Edubirdie price for the first order is somehow higher than on other similar websites.

What Does Reddit Say?

Edubirdie review Reddit is not as thorough as someone would like. Because there is a lack of comments and comprehensive Edubirdie reviews, of course, if you are looking for a trustworthy service, testimonials are what you should pay immense attention to. Reddit is considered to be one of the most reliable sources of real customers’ feedback. So, mind that while placing an order.

Where Can I Read Edubirdie Reviews?

Many people believe that the final decision on the reliability of the company always depends on reviews of clients. Also, it is pretty essential how many regular customers the service has because it is an indicator that reflects the professionalism and responsibility of the company to its clients. However, where to get genuine testimonials? Social networks are the right place, without a doubt!


On the Edubirdie Facebook account, you can get basic info about the company. The rate of customer satisfaction equals 4.5 there. Of course, it is pretty high taking into account some considerable problems the website has. On the Facebook page, there are many various posts with valuable tips for students. So, join it to widen your horizons if you don’t mind.


Edubirdie’s Twitter page is not so informative. All you can see there is customers’ feedback posted on the website of the company. Of course, it is not so beneficial and reliable. That’s because most students apply to websites like Sitejabber to get complete and thorough reviews.


Most experts consider Sitejabber to be quite a reliable source of customers’ reviews. On Sitejabber, Edubirdie is rated at second place in the ranking of the best editing websites. So, if you need to proofread and correct some mistakes in your paper, Edubirdie will undoubtedly come in handy! The overall rate is 4.59 that, in comparison to other websites, is quite positive. There are more than 800 testimonials, both positive and negative.


Are you eager to find video reviews on EduBirdie? Check YouTube and view interesting video content just in a few clicks. Enter “EduBirdie” in the search engine of YouTube and click the video you like.


EduBirdie is one of the very few paper writing companies that have such popular Instagram profiles. There are about 77.7 thousand followers on the EduBirdie Instagram page. What is more, it is justified enough. Because there are a lot of TikTok videos with applicable but exciting content for students furthermore, there you can get information about specialists active on the service and other vital intricacies. So, why not follow such an excellent Instagram user?


It may seem weird to you, but EduBirdie is a service that has a TikTok account. There, you will get no reviews or something like that. Nevertheless, it is a valuable source of information with pieces of advice that are interactive and immensely useful.

EduBirdie Jobs: Who Does Work There?

Many students highlight the importance of the employment of competent experts on services like EduBirdie. Most customers believe that the professionalism of the writers directly impacts the reputation and image of the company. It implies, if the service responsibly approaches recruitment of new specialists, it is trustworthy, and there is no point in worrying about poor quality papers or something like that.

How to Become an EduBirdie Writer?

A 4-step recruitment program is fundamental for most online paper writing businesses. EduBirdie is not an exception. To be hired to the service, you should undergo quite a rigorous selection that includes four levels. Sign in and make a request.

  1. Pass exams.
  2. Write an essay.
  3. Verify your academic degree and certificates.

If you feel confident, try applying for the position of a writer on EduBirdie. But be ready that only about 7% of all applicants become employees of the company.

Where to Get Information about Every Writer on EduBirdie?

There are profiles of all top writers working on the website. However, there is no information on other experts. The total number of employees performing customers’ orders is about 450. But if you need to learn more about a particular specialist, feel free to contact customer service.

Is the Idea to Order EduBirdie Papers Reasonable: Yes or No?

To reply to this question, try to highlight the main pros and cons of EduBirdie as a paper writing service. The number of benefits is somehow more significant, nevertheless. So, maybe it will not be a bad idea to apply for assistance with your paper to EduBirdie experts.


  • Top editing services.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • 450 good writers on staff.
  • EduBirdie wiki page.
  • Free live chat of customer service.
  • Top writers’ profiles.
  • Cool Instagram account.
  • Fast registration and verification.


  • Lack of reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit.
  • Lack of information on all writers.
  • No discounts for newcomers.
  • No price calculator for an average internet user.


Is EduBirdie Legit?

EduBirdie is a legal service since it has all the licenses to work in the niche. All the writers working there are qualified and licensed too.

Is EduBirdie Safe or Cheating?

EduBirdie is a safe service that never cheats its customers. However, as practice shows, some force majeures (but there are no reasons to speak about EduBirdie scams) with plagiarism, money-back, and deadline can seldom occur.

How Much EduBirdie Cost and Is It Fast Enough for Such Money?

EduBirdie is not extremely cheap. Experts working there believe that the price is reasonable. However, some customers complain that companies are offering the same quality services but for more affordable prices. So, it is up to you what to choose.


Compared to other online paper writing businesses in the field, EduBirdie has strong positions in the paper editing segment, taking second place. However, considering everything mentioned above, it is reasonable to conclude that it is quite a good service with vast experience and not a small number of regular customers. It is legit and safe enough.

However, some accidents with orders may occur. Prices are not the cheapest while quality is relatively not bad. All in all, it is a good idea to apply to EduBirdie if there are no other trustworthy options!

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