Resumes are a universal tool for job search whenever you start it. You can be a college graduate looking for your first job or an experienced professional seeking a career boost. At whatever stage of professional development you are, the resume serves as your professional “face” the recruiter will see long before they meet you in person at an interview. Thus, you need to make this document ideal so that the new job becomes yours.

Good-looking and professionally written resumes increase the likelihood of getting a job manifold, so you should invest enough time and effort into compiling this document. Knowing the rules of resume structuring and composition is essential as chaotically looking recruiters don’t consider disorderly documents. Moreover, large companies often use specialized software to weed out irrelevant applications and interview only the best candidates. Thus, if your resume is not scan-friendly, you risk losing the chance to apply for a position of your dream.

A wise solution to increase your chances of employment and showcase your professionalism is choosing a reputable resume writing service. Experts working there are usually certified CPRW writers who know everything about composing impactful resumes. Thus, once you google such services, you will get dozens of results, with numerous companies promising impeccable results, killer resumes, and countless job offers.

Should you trust those slogans? We recommend not relying on such marketing information only, as many companies fail to deliver the promised services. Our website conducts in-depth reviews on resume writing services to weed out the subpar companies and give you the rating of top performers in the niche. Whenever you need a dependable provider, make sure that you study our list of resume writing champions and choose one of the top-recommended providers.

Best Resume Writing Services

Here is our list of trustworthy, reliable websites rendering professional help with resume writing.

Each of them showcases a high standard of client service and compliance with rigorous academic and professional writing requirements. Thus, you can count on their help with resumes of all kinds.

  • Pocket-friendly resume writing rates.
  • A variety of qualified resume writers.
  • Coverage of extra-urgent orders.
  • Refunds and revisions.

  • Excellent writing quality.
  • Coverage of different resume levels and types.
  • Urgent resume writing.
  • Certified authors.
  • 24/7 support by competent managers.
  • An appealing loyalty program for returning customers.
  • Simple, hassle-free order registration.

  • Stable, positive reputation of the company.
  • Positive reviews of satisfied clients.
  • A high percentage of job interviews guaranteed by professionally completed resumes.
  • Bonuses and discounts for regular clients.
  • Competent support round the clock.
  • Affordable writing rates.

Pocket-friendly prices for writing services.

  • Quick ordering process.
  • Direct communication with writers.
  • Quick turnaround (with urgent resumes covered).
  • Client security and robust website encryption.
  • Safe payment methods.

How to Find a Professional Resume Writing Service

Writing an outstanding resume for yourself is a challenging undertaking as you need to present yourself in the most favorable light while at the same time not sounding too salesy. People tend to be either overly shy or too self-advertising in resumes, which results from a lack of objectivity. Thus, instead of shying away from the job or frightening the recruiter by excessive self-confidence, you can ask a detached expert to take a sober look at your qualifications and compose a resume presenting you objectively to the employer.

To do so, you need to find a high-quality, reliable resume service, which is not always easy. Many companies advertise themselves online and claim to be the best, but the outcomes of their work are disappointing and pathetic. To make the right choice and avoid wasting money on disastrous resumes, you can search for reputable providers as follows.

Survey Your Peers

If you’re an active job searcher, you probably have peers among your groupmates, colleagues, or friends who have also done this once in a while in their lives. Ask them for advice and inquire about the services they used. If your friends were satisfied with the resumes they got from providers, you can follow their recommendations and order a resume there as well. Otherwise, you will still know to which provider you shouldn’t turn, looking for other solutions.

Study Internet Reviews

Going online for advice and reviews is also a wise idea as there are many specialized communities of job searchers where people exchange information and support each other. There you can quickly find out where other users order resumes, what services they liked, and which ones disappointed them. Based on those reviews, you can create a particular rating for your future use.

Evaluate Candidates Critically

Now that you have a list of candidates for the resume job, it’s time to visit each website and check how it works. Make sure to compare the prices and terms, such as free revisions and refunds, so that you know your rights and opt for the securest provider.

Top Criteria For Choosing the Best Resume Writing Service

Now we come to the most exciting part — our internal criteria for resume writing service selection. We have been reviewing academic and resume writing websites for years. Within this period, we have developed a handy list of factors that play a vital role in the ultimate service rating.

Writer Information

Resumes should be written only by specialized experts; a regular academic writer will hardly manage such a job well. So, we check the websites for information about authors working on resumes. It’s great if the company indicates the CPRW certification of their authors and publishes resume samples from top authors on the website.

Payment Policy

We also take a close look at the payment terms and resume packages offered by the companies. It’s better to choose a service that offers sensitive differentiation for various levels, e.g., entry-level, professional, executive. Military, career change, etc. These types have different peculiarities to take into account, and writers should be aware of them.

Refunds and Revisions

Resumes are not academic works, so you can’t claim your money back based on the plagiarism issue or something else related to content cohesion/coherence. However, subpar resumes may include errors and typos, wrong sequencing of sections, and missing vital information. So, we check the terms of refunds for substandard services on each reviewed website to see whether clients are sufficiently protected there.

Job Interview Guarantees

Some websites give a job interview guarantee, claiming that if you order a resume from them and send it out to your prospective employers, you’ll surely be invited to the interview. We check the websites offering such guarantees and give our users the green light to use such services, especially if the provider has a database of vacancies and can produce an automated job search for you.

But still, please keep in mind that the guarantee isn’t valid for cases when you apply for a job inconsistent with your previous experience and professional background. In other words, you can’t claim your money back if you’re an Office Manager applying for the position of CEO and receiving no responses.


Deadline compliance is not as critical for resumes as it is for urgent academic assignments. However, there are still cases when applications for a vacancy are due by a specific deadline. Thus, it is imperative to get resumes on time not to miss a vital job opportunity. We analyze the reviewed websites in terms of deadline compliance to guarantee that our users get the top-rated services from the websites we recommend.


The quality of support is another vital criterion we consider in the review. If you have questions or face technical problems, you need to get quick and competent responses from managers. Thus, the services we recommend are all characterized by robust, quick support.

Red Flags for Resume Writing Services

Dubious websites are not easily distinguishable from high-quality providers, but we have identified a couple of red flags that should make you think twice before ordering resumes there.

  • Payment methods. If the company accepts payments to some personal accounts or e-wallets without safe and trusted payment options like banking cards or PayPal, it may be a scam.
  • Legal information. You need to check what company stands behind the specific website. It is a legally registered entity to which you can turn for refunds. If there is no information about the owner, the website may be unreliable.
  • Resume services. If you see that the company can write a resume from you, we recommend digging into details. Resumes are different (chronological and functional, entry and professional, etc.). Your provider should know the difference and reveal competence in this area.
  • Revisions and refunds. Scam websites typically don’t have a refund policy. They never return money to clients, even if the latter have bulletproof evidence of defective products. So, to protect yourself from a waste of money, you need to order resumes only from companies that offer refunds.

How Do We Determine the Top Resume Writing Service?

Here is a quick view of our resume service review (the algorithm we follow to evaluate the services thoroughly):

  • We visit the website to form the first impression and see whether it indeed delivers resume writing services.
  • We check payment methods and options.
  • We check the writer’s expertise and pay rates for this service type.
  • We contact support via all available channels to see how responsive the agents are.
  • We place a test order and evaluate its quality.

Who Reviews The Companies?

Resume writing is a distinct area of professional writing that requires specific skills and a profound understanding of structure. Thus, we entrust the review of resume services only to professionals with hands-on experience in this niche.

All reviewers possess the CPRW certificate, which shows that they are internationally certified, professional resume writers. This certification allows them to distinguish high-quality and low-quality writing services, giving the proper rating to top-performing companies in the sector.

Besides, all reviewers have years of practical resume writing expertise. Thus, they are better positioned to evaluate the results of reviewed websites’ work, identifying the flaws and weaknesses of test resumes we order from those websites. As a result, you always get an expert evaluation considering all the intricacies of the resume writing craft.


Do you need a well-written resume? Are you still hesitant about the choice of the best service to turn to? Learn more about this subject in our FAQ section, giving more details about this writing industry.

What’s the Difference Between a Resume and a CV?

Both curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume are professional documents showcasing your professionalism and expertise in particular areas. But CVs are composed of researchers and workers of academia. These documents typically contain the list of research publications, articles, and books that the job candidate has in their portfolio. Resumes serve non-academic purposes and are composed of candidates for all other types of jobs.

What Are the Benefits of a Professionally Written Resume?

Whenever a company publishes an attractive vacancy, its recruiters receive hundreds of job applications. They can’t talk to all candidates in person, so searching for the best candidate typically takes place in stages. First, the received resumes are scanned for relevance to the job description. Second, recruiters review the resumes manually to select the best candidates for job interviews. So, if your document is software-friendly and contains all relevant details about your skills, competencies, and professional background, your chances of being invited for the job interview grow exponentially.

How Does the Resume Writing Process Work?

Professional resume writers first review the set of data you provide about your education, certificates, skills, achievements, and professional experience. Then they clarify the required format and layout you need for the resume. Next, the header is composed, with your details and contact information. Then comes the professional summary and objective, followed by a list of achievements.

After that, an extensive section of work experience lays out your positions and duties on previous jobs. You can also include the section with soft and hard skills, followed by a section with education data and certificates/training.

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