Homework is nothing but a waste of time.

Many students stand by this statement. It comes as no surprise since recent studies show that most learners suffer from anxiety and depression associated with excessive schoolwork.

Endless assignments leave many with no other choice but to look for alternatives. Unfortunately, these usually include cheating methods that do not contribute to one’s knowledge nor save from the stress. Besides, every student is entitled to private life with non-academic engagements. Focusing on classes and homework solely can cause irreversible damages to student’s health.

A well-balanced life is a key to success. There are multiple reasons why homework should not be banned. But the minute you lose the balance, i.e., homework substitutes your hobbies and engages all your spare time, is the minute you need to stop and reconsider your priorities.

Need arguments in favor and against homework? Read on to find out what makes homework bad for you and how to turn it to your benefit with the least possible trouble.

Why Homework Is a Waste of Time

Homework is never a waste of time. No matter how irrelevant the task might seem, it still trains your brain and hacks your skills in one way or another. The real question is: how much homework is appropriate and how to find a custom approach depending on your work potential?

Students usually receive the same assignments. It is understandable. A teacher isn’t allowed to give prominence to one student and assign others with a different task. But we aren’t the same. Each and every one of us has a unique skillset, unique mindset, and a different level of comprehension.

What seems like a 20-minute engagement to one doesn’t come as easy to the other. Therefore, it is every teacher’s responsibility to delegate home assignments with regard to student’s distinctions. Homework isn’t bad for you unless it puts excessive pressure on your physical and mental health.

Where Is Homework Banned (and Why It Seems Like a Good Thing)

Believe it or not, not all students around the world suffer from homework. Some countries chose a different educational pattern, and it works quite efficiently for them.

Finland finds homework irrelevant. Their learning system is based on trust. Teachers should do their best during classes while students decide what they want to do with their free time. For years now, Finns have been proving to the world that good knowledge has little to do with excessive homework loads. Unfortunately, their case is merely an exception to the rule.

Japan and South Korea are also among the countries with the fewest homework hours per week. Still, this approach hasn’t saved learners from constant pressure associated with examinations and tests.

3 Ways to Turn Homework to Your Benefit

The amount of homework is tolerable, yet it still ruins your plans for the weekend? Maybe the problem isn’t the homework itself. The following tricks may help revise your homeschooling practices, make them more efficient, less stressful, and time-consuming.

Forget Insecurities

What stops you from doing your home assignment here and now? Maybe it is the lack of skills? If you feel insecure about something, the best way is to find the root of the problem.

For example, writing a research paper seems like a real challenge to you. Make sure you understand writing requirements. Make sure you relate to the topic of your paper. Make sure there aren’t any obstacles that stand between you and your paper.

Forget Procrastination

Another homework mood killer is a burning deadline. When you’re in a time crunch, doing homework is merely an enjoyment. Feeling stressed, you start blaming the task when the only person to blame is you.

Do not leave homework for the last minute. On the contrary, get it over with the sooner that you can.

Forget Motivation

Seems like an irrelevant tip? Wait a minute.

Life is packed with opportunities that are good for you. Your personal and professional growth requires effort. Sometimes, this effort will need another effort to succeed. Far from every assignment in your academic career will inspire your interest and gift motivation. You have to get used to the idea that success waits on effort.

However, if every single home task demotivates you, it is a troubling sign that requires consideration.

Can’t Stand Homework? Speak up Your Mind!

Can’t stop thinking about why homework should be banned? An essay is the best way to express your thoughts and share ideas. If you wish to make a difference, start with yourself. Write down your explanation on why homework should be banned and ask your teacher to revise it. Your voice matters and won’t go unnoticed. Just make an effort and speak up.

Good or bad, homework is a tool that you can use to your benefit. Remember, it’s more than just an academic obligation that earns you a grade. It is an opportunity that offers you new knowledge and experience. So don’t give up on it… Just yet.

Diana L. Larsen is a stellar contributing author who goes the extra mile to help students succeed academically. Besides reviewing online writing platforms, she passionately shares her experiences and knowledge with young learners. Diana thinks that her biggest achievement in life isn’t Ph.D. in English Language and Literature, but the job she does here. Her primary career goal is to help students find their potential and develop custom educational patterns that work best for them.


Diana Larsen

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