Dissertation writing is a serious challenge for many postgraduate students. You need to continue studying as usual and find extra time for library visits, extensive research, data collection and analysis, and manuscript writing.

Naturally, not all students feel superhuman forces in them and prefer to use professional dissertation help instead. This can be done easily by ordering dissertation writing services from an external provider — an academic writing company.

But is the use of such services safe? Won’t your personal details and identity be compromised? Will you get the manuscript of an expected quality, the one that can fetch you a degree at your educational establishment? Unfortunately, many users of such services can never confidently tell whether they ordered dissertation writing help in the right place until they get the final product.

To help you out and minimize the risks associated with using expensive but poor-quality dissertation providers, we have compiled a list of the best dissertation writing services based on thorough quality and legality investigations conducted by our pros.

We have gone the extra mile to place test orders, dig deep into these companies’ legal documentation, ask support many questions through many channels, and are ready to present you to the list of top performers in the area of dissertation writing.

Best Dissertation Writing Services

Here is a sample list of companies that we included in our dissertation writing services review. All of them proved to be legit and responsible, with a good team of dissertation writers and editors available for clients on demand. Study the list to see which company will fit your academic requirements; ordering from any of them is safe for your pocket and personal information.


  • The superb quality of all writing projects.
  • Simple ordering procedure.
  • A free quality check and revisions policy.
  • Advanced HTTPS/TLS security standards put in place to protect customer data.


  • Original and top-quality content.
  • Coverage of urgent orders (even dissertations).
  • Expert dissertation editing services.
  • Encrypted authentication.
  • Discounts on large orders.
  • 24/7 support.


  • Rigorous compliance with deadlines.
  • Numerous freebies coming with every order.
  • A robust privacy policy.
  • A money-back guarantee on substandard orders.
  • A handy online price generator.


  • Top service by UK and US native speakers.
  • Coverage of any academic level.
  • Refunds and free revisions.
  • Ability to choose a preferred writer.
  • A customer-friendly pricing policy.
  • 97% customer satisfaction.

How to Find a Professional Dissertation Writing Website

The problem of finding a reputable, trustworthy academic writing resource has always been acute among students. Unfortunately, too many one-day firms have emerged online to fool inexperienced customers, and the level of trust in this category of service is gradually deteriorating.

But you can minimize the risks if you approach the process of provider selection wisely and do not entrust your money to an unknown firm with a vague reputation. Here are some steps we recommend taking before paying for dissertation orders.

Asking Friends

There are always some people in your environment who have already used such services. Discussing such practices openly is dangerous as this information can reach your tutor and stain your academic reputation. However, asking your classmates or peers about their experiences of educational service use in private is totally OK. The only thing you need is to determine what aspects of service they liked and didn’t like, whether they recommend their provider, etc.

Going Online

Another step for deciding whom to give your dissertation assignment is to search for options online. For example, you can google something like “dissertation editing services reviews” or “what is the best dissertation writing company,” and you’re sure to get dozens of options from Google. However, trusting Google reviews blindly is not a good decision. There are many fake reviews and pumped ratings, which scam companies create to attract clients and disappear with their money. So, we recommend going one step further, compiling a list of resources for further review, and searching on social media and forums, asking people whether they had experience working with those companies or not.

Asking Questions

The final step to take is to interview the company you’re choosing for your dissertation project. Keep in mind that writing a dissertation manuscript is a complex and lengthy task. Besides, it’s pretty expensive for you.

So, you have to be perfectly sure about whether the chosen provider will become a good partner for you in the coming months:

  • Ask support about the right to choose a qualified writer.
  • Test the speed and quality of responses from support representatives.
  • Double-check their refund and revision policies to see what rights you’ll have if something goes wrong.

Always ask about discounts, as dissertations usually take 100+ pages, which is a bulk order. Many companies have special prices for such orders, and you can save a good portion of the order’s price.

Top Criteria for Choosing the Best Dissertation Writing Service

You might wonder how we determine that the service is good and can be included in our rating. We have developed a rigorous rating system that contains numerous quality criteria and helps us judge the company’s credibility, trustworthiness, and reliability from numerous angles.

Here are some sample criteria we consider when investigating every provider.

Range of Services

The first point of our interest is the range of services a specific company covers. The breadth of service range is significant because it helps you find a universal supplier of academic solutions. You don’t need to order essays in one place, research papers — in the second place, and dissertations — in the third place. If you have one go-to provider, things get much simpler, and you’re guaranteed more discounts and loyalty points.

Range of Academic Formats

It’s also essential that writers of a specific provider handle a variety of formats. Once you study on one course, your supervisor may need APA-style assignments, while another tutor may want essays written in the MLA style. Harvard citations are also a common choice among supervisors, so you need to be confident that your writer knows all citation styles and can help you with any paper.

Range of Complexity Levels

The next point of consideration is the company’s coverage of various complexity levels. What starts as a freshman’s college essay ends up with undergraduate research papers and dissertations. As you grow and progress through studies, your needs also get more advanced. So, you need to be sure that your selected provider can do it all without changing the writing company once your academic level gets too high for the old one.

Financial Policy

Next goes the financial policy of an academic provider. At this point, we look at payment options, the speed of order payment, an attitude to free revisions and refunds, and the pricing rates compared to other market participants. You need to be sure about what you’ll get for your money, also knowing your rights to free revisions and refunds if the paper is too bad.

Order Turnaround

The overall speed of order processing is an essential quality criterion among providers of academic solutions. You want to be sure that your inquiry will be handled within hours, if not minutes, and that the order will get into the system as soon as possible. So, we test the companies’ ordering systems to see how fast they process the orders from the moment of inquiry or order form filling to the actual start of writing.

Quality of Support

Support determines customer satisfaction to a considerable degree. So, we try to check all aspects of support quality in every reviewed company. We check how responsive the managers are on every communication channel, how soon they respond at different periods of day and night (if their support claims to be available 24/7), and how competent the managers’ assistance is.

Information about Writers

Knowing who will write your dissertation is a great reassurance as we’re all worried whether our academic works get to good hands. So, our experts verify whether the academic providers give any available information about their writers’ expertise, provide specific writers’ samples, or give a chance to hire a specific writer from the list of TOP professionals.

General Protection Measures

The final point of our review is the set of protection measures taken by companies to protect client data and confidentiality. This check relates to encryption protocols and payment gateways. Once the check is passed successfully, we give a company the go-ahead to our rating.

How Do We Determine the Top Dissertation Writing Service?

After covering the quality criteria on which we focus during a review, we would like to give you a better idea of the actual review process. What do we do, and based on what activities do our experts formulate their decisions?

First, we visit the website recommended by our users or found by our experts in Google. We take a look at its overall visual appeal, design, and the main page’s USP. The main task is to determine whether the website corresponds to what Google says and whether it renders the claimed services.

Second, we go through the user menu to see how easy it is to find the core service buttons and information. At this stage, we check the range of services, availability of prices for all kinds of writing works, simplicity of locating the “Sign In” and “Sign Up” buttons, and the rest of the website’s functions.

Third, we check the ordering process of the company. We fill out the order form to see payment options and steps required from the client to complete the order. This review stage allows us to understand how simple and quick the order turnaround is, which is often a decisive criterion for provider’s choice among busy students.

Next, we check the availability of contact channels and ask several questions to support via those channels. We record the time involved in getting thoughtful responses and determine whether support is generally reliable.

Then we review the refund and revision policy of the website to see whether users have the right to request their money back in case of receiving subpar papers. If the refund guarantee is present, we go on to place a test order. In the process of order completion, we continue asking questions to support via multiple channels to test how support works for current clients. We also ask for a couple of revisions to see whether they are delivered free of charge and within our deadline.

Who Reviews the Companies?

Now comes a significant question — who are our reviewers, and why should you trust their opinion? It’s all simple, and we don’t conceal our experts’ level of professionalism and background in academic writing.

All reviewers have been recruited from top academic writing companies, so they know much about the essentials of top-quality academic writing. They have an inside-out understanding of what makes a top dissertation writing service and can assess the company’s reputation, legality, and scope of services precisely enough.


If you still have questions about the dissertation writing services review system, here is an FAQ section for quick reference.

Is It Legal to Get a Ph.D. Dissertation Help?

Yes, it’s legal, but it’s better not to inform your supervisor about using such services. Academic establishments encourage students to work on their scholarly manuscripts independently.

Are the Companies Mentioned Here Legit and Reliable?

Yes, we include only top performers on all quality criteria into our rating of dissertation writing companies. So, you can choose any provider from the list, knowing that it ticks all points on the list of security, reliability, and content quality.

What Is the Difference Between a Thesis and a Dissertation?

These are typically written for a doctoral degree. This type of assignment should involve original research based on primary data in your professional area. Dissertations can use both secondary and primary data and are completed for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Is It Safe to Use Dissertation Writing Services Online?

Yes, using such a service is safe, but you should double-check the company’s reputation before placing an order and paying it a considerable sum of money for a dissertation. Use our rating to secure yourself from one-day scams and online fraudsters.

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