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Mission statement

After retiring from being a college instructor, I’ve tried myself in various essay writing gigs. For nearly 5 years, I’ve been working for many famous and not-so-famous essay companies, some of which turned out really great while some were bad, hands down. This fact steered me to founding TopsWriting.com, where I, together with my friends, former colleagues, and guest authors, can share my previous experience, as well as review new exciting services and see who is who in the essay writing industry today.

Our mission is to provide students in the USA and other English-speaking countries with legit, all-around, and hands-on information about top essay writing services available today. I’m a strong believer that academic writing has to go, giving way to more advanced and up-to-date methods of evaluating the students’ knowledge rather than essays. By writing detailed reviews on various essay companies, we help students be more aware of which sites are great and which are fraud.

How do we write our reviews

Most of the reviews are written by yours truly – Diana Larsen. In case I’m too busy with my other learning projects or one of my friends or associates finds a really cool essay writing service to write about, then a review will be published under their name (with my sincere blessing and under my thorough supervision, of course!)
Having extensive teaching and academic writing experience, I believe my associates and I are more than qualified to analyze and review various essay writing companies and offer our unbiased opinion. So that you know, currently I’m not affiliated with any of the services, being a fully independent author.

I’ve been employed as a full-time academic essay writer for several years. Many of my friends who help me write reviews for this site also have a similar experience, which makes us qualified enough to review essay sites and offer our humble recommendations as to whether you can use them or if you should leave them be for good.


I’m an independent and unsponsored essay writing service reviewer. No company, service, or website pays me or my fellow reviewers to write reviews, good or bad. Everything we do for you, we do pro bono. All we want and wish for our readers is that you make the right choice when picking up an essay writing service, spending your money wisely.

If you agree with my opinion – great! If not, then follow your own plan and let’s stay friends. You can write to me directly, if you want, and suggest reviewing some new exciting writing services that you discovered. In case you don’t think a review is correct, feel free to leave a comment. But please, when visiting TopsWriting.com, don’t use curse words and foul language because I will ban such users permanently.

As my favorite quote goes, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Wishing you the best of luck…

– Diana Larsen, Founder

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